Programme administration

Chair of the Board: Eva Thörnelöf

Programme Manager: Peter Fredman

Collaboration Manager: Christina Frimodig

Communications Manager: Sandra Wåger and Elin Larsson

Administrator: Märit Christensson

Economist: Per-Richard Lindgren

Contact research themes

Knowledge and transformation

Sverker Sörlin, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Susanna Hedenborg, Malmö University
Daniel Svensson, Malmö University
Erik Backman, Dalarna University
Andreas Karlsson Isgren, Dalarna University

Sustainable transport solutions

Anders Larsson, University of Gothenburg
Ann Legeby, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Jorge Gil, Chalmers University of Technology

Sustainable use of land and water

Marie Stenseke, University of Gothenburg
Sara Borgström, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Sandra Wall-Reinius, Mid Sweden University
Erik Andersson, Stockholm University
Rosemarie Ankre, Mid Sweden University
Andreas Skriver Hansen, University of Gothenburg

Material and sustainable equipment

Mikael Bäckström, Mid Sweden University
Itai Danielski, Mid Sweden University
Anna Björklund, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Kajsa Nilsson, Mid Sweden University

Sustainable events

Robert Pettersson, Mid Sweden University
John Armbrecht, University of Gothenburg
Erik Lundberg, University of Gothenburg
Lusine Margaryan, Mid Sweden University

Behaviour, policy and future change

Dimitri Ioannides, Mid Sweden University
Maria Lexhagen, Mid Sweden University
Daniel Laven, Mid Sweden University
Peter Fredman, Mid Sweden University


Mistra Sport & Outdoors is a network of researchers and civil society actors. The programme is led by Mid Sweden University.

Workinggroups to identify challenges:


Svenskt Friluftsliv (Swedish outdoor life): Susanne Söderholm and Maria Ros Jernberg

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency: Ingela Hiltula and Lotta Lagerberg

Swedish Sports Confederation: Charlotte Sundvall and Lina Wahlgren

Scandinavian Outdoor Group: Sara Wänseth

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency: Hannah Wallin and Andreas Hellohf

Researchers from all themes:

Mid Sweden University: Peter Fredman - Programme Manager

University of Gothenburg: Anders Larsson - Sustainable transport solutions

KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Sara Borgström - Sustainable use of land and water

KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Anna Björklund - Material and sustainable equipment

Malmö university: Susanna Hedenborg - Knowledge and transformation

Mid Sweden University: Mikael Bäckström - Material and sustainable equipment

Mid Sweden University: Robert Pettersson -  Sustainable events

Mid Sweden University: Dimitri Ioannides - Behaviours, control instruments and development