Solving our environmental challenges is a major and complex task that requires many actors to work together to succeed.

No one actor has the knowledge, capacity or resources to understand and implement the necessary changes. Taking on an environmental challenge requires deep collaboration between different worlds of knowledge.

We have therefore chosen to co-create knowledge and solutions with research, organisations, authorities and companies in four steps:

Step 1. We identify challenges together

The first step is to jointly identify challenges and propose actors for six learning groups. Researchers from our six themes work together with representatives of The Swedish Sports Confederation , The Swedish Association for Outdoor Organizations, The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, The Scandinavian Outdoor Group. Starts April 2020.


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Step 2. We generate knowledge and solutions together

The second step is to jointly generate knowledge and solutions. At this stage, it is important that different actors and knowledge are involved in order to find solutions to the identified challenges. The learning groups work in a facilitated process based on learning. Starts November 2020.

Participants in the learning groups are selected after step 1.

Step 3. We communicate and start a movement together

The third step is to visualise and communicate the solutions that have emerged during the process. Here we communicate together with many parties so that many actors can learn about the results and use them. We also start the process of scaling up the results so that more people can use the solutions. The movement for sustainable development in sport and outdoor recreation starts.

A working group works on finding ways to start a movement for sustainable development in sport and outdoor recreation. Starts in 2021.


Step 4. We implement on a large scale

After the first four years, the task becomes one of interacting with more and more people who use knowledge and solutions, and the movement for sustainability grows stronger.